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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Much later--and getting ready for the holidays (eek)

Ecuador is lovely.

That's my excuse for not doing much else.  There are the more than 3000 pictures to go through and tidy up, and thinking about great ideas that were spawned on the trip.
 I'm not sure a business blog is what I want--I can do that on the website.  Maybe I want a "this is what I did this week" blog.  I'd call it WIFLI--when I feel like it.

 I will put some of the pix up later.  It's all later!

But business-wise (tho it's too much fun to be a business)--I really hope you check out what Ingrid Dijkers has to offer on the 17th and 18th (Sat and Sun) of Sept.  She teaches classes at the really big conferences, and she is giving us a deal, since we're relatively local for her.  Her works are so----COOL.  I can't wait.
 Check it out here:
I'm thinking about fall and winter and holidays and all that.  I think we need a bunch of "Santa's Workshops" (Santa can make dreidels and suns, etc, too) to get together and make holiday presents for those so inclined.  Also a Wrapping Day or two.  We can learn new gifty things to make, (Molly has some great ideas),  and/or work on our own projects away from the prying eyes of the recipients. 

Any suggestions?  Days, times that work for you?  Things you want to learn?  Things you want to teach?  Speak up now please.

You can email me if you'd rather.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Two offerings with Chocolate!  Go see the website!-- Right now~ ! Be sure to check out the "classes" option--good stuff on there and more all the time.  The schedule is on the "calendar".  You can register and pay right on line from the website now--whew!

I'm wonderfully busy in August--A Zentangle class for Genesee Parks District at the park in Flint, the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, a WONDERFUL class ("Repurposed Books" on the 13th)  taught by another of our nationally known teachers, then off to Ecuador with my sister on a tour of healers and music, led by my good friend and midwife, Janice Marsh Prelesnik.  Some of you know her better as Granny Janny--maker of the remarkable "green goop"!

Check out September, too.  Back to school for the kids and teachers, and the schedule at the studio will get to filling up a bit.  Lots of Zentangle, Soul Collage, Altered Book-y stuff, Idea Parties--and lots of play.  Not only does Mom's Night Out repeat on the second Friday of the month, but look at "Through the Rabbit Hole" on the 17th!!!!!(I can't wait!--ANOTHER famous teacher!!!)

If there's something you want to learn or teach, please let me know.  My email is  The more the merrier!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Busy, busy, busy.

Vacations are fun, but they do keep one busy!

Joanne Huffman's Paper Doll Workshops were wonderful.  We made some beautiful and fanciful dolls--some were nothing like we planned--they had wills of their own! and/but we were extremely pleased with them.  There will be more classes along this line--that's for sure.

Joanne has two more classes with us this coming Saturday --"That's the Spirit" (a different kind of doll-making) and "Eat Your Heart Out, Cinderella"--renewing and fancying up old or boring leather or canvas shoes.  She's an excellent teacher, and we sure had a good time.  See the calendar on the website ( and earlier blog posts for more info and pictures.
You can sign up for Joann's classes at
or by calling Kip at 517-896-7054
Please let us know in advance.
On July
A fellow Zentangler and I were away for a couple of days, and we did a lot of tangling--so relaxing.  She got to play with the black tiles and white pens for the first time, and we played around with color some more.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reunion and July classes

My "family of origin" had a reunion last week on Kelley's Island in Lake Erie.  It was quite the event, with 33 family members and 9 assorted friends in attendance.  A busy week, but fun.  LOTS of babies and little kids--whew!  And one nice surprise event--

So we had lots of fun.

Meanwhile--back at the studio--
Joann Huffman's students had a wonderful time on Saturday.  I am so looking forward to July's classes with this teacher--


And in the afternoon--

Please sign up in advance by emailing Joanne at
or calling Kip at 517-896-7054
Come and have some fun--you deserve it.