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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Much later--and getting ready for the holidays (eek)

Ecuador is lovely.

That's my excuse for not doing much else.  There are the more than 3000 pictures to go through and tidy up, and thinking about great ideas that were spawned on the trip.
 I'm not sure a business blog is what I want--I can do that on the website.  Maybe I want a "this is what I did this week" blog.  I'd call it WIFLI--when I feel like it.

 I will put some of the pix up later.  It's all later!

But business-wise (tho it's too much fun to be a business)--I really hope you check out what Ingrid Dijkers has to offer on the 17th and 18th (Sat and Sun) of Sept.  She teaches classes at the really big conferences, and she is giving us a deal, since we're relatively local for her.  Her works are so----COOL.  I can't wait.
 Check it out here:
I'm thinking about fall and winter and holidays and all that.  I think we need a bunch of "Santa's Workshops" (Santa can make dreidels and suns, etc, too) to get together and make holiday presents for those so inclined.  Also a Wrapping Day or two.  We can learn new gifty things to make, (Molly has some great ideas),  and/or work on our own projects away from the prying eyes of the recipients. 

Any suggestions?  Days, times that work for you?  Things you want to learn?  Things you want to teach?  Speak up now please.

You can email me if you'd rather.


  1. I found out about your from a posting on All Things Tim (a Tim Holtz yahoo group).... If I was not a vaca at the time of this glass I would so be there!!! I tried to figure out where you are in Michigan but could not find anything on this site. I would love to take a class form Ingrid - ever think about a Christmas or winter theme tunnel book? That would be FAB!!

  2. I hate the idea of buying wrapping paper. How about a make your own holiday wrapping paper/bows party? I'm thinking yarn and recyclable paper or something reused...