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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Midwives in town, Studio Puppy and May class information.

Whether or not you are pregnant, of child-bearing age, male or female, how woman and babies are treated during pregnancy, birth and early parenting matters to all of us, in too many ways to count.  So--you need to know about midwives!  Simple as that.   If nothing else, midwifery as the primary model of maternity care for the country would save millions and millions of dollars for our economy--and that's something we can all relate to. 

This week-end (starting on May 5th) was all about Midwives.  May 5th is International Midwives' Day, and the state midwifery organization, Michigan Midwives Assocation, (  was here doing all kinds of projects, including the local book launch of the book "Into These Hands---Wisdom From Midwives"  (  edited by Michigan midwife (and one of the founding midwives of The Greenhouse Birth Center) Geradine Simkins.  (That sentence was entirely too long.)  There are 5 Michigan midwives in the book, and three of us were there.  It is fascinating and inspiring, and I read it like a novel.
Patrice Bobier, Geradine Simkins, Me

So get with the program!

On other notes--

I now have a Studio Puppy--because everyone needs a Studio Puppy. 
Her name is Tangle, and she is very thoughtful, as you can see.  She is calm and mellow, even as a puppy, and very artistic.

The Studio is looking spiffy.

Wonderful people are contacting me with arts and crafts they want to teach--I will be there all the time taking classes!  Yesterday--an artist who makes the most amazing steampunk jewelry.  Poor thing--I drooled all over her bracelet!

A friend is helping me with the blog, and I will have a calendar up soon that is interactive so that you can learn about the classes and the teachers, and sign up and pay online.  SOON.

For now--to sign up for classes, please email me directly at  You can pay at the class.

Class info for or this month:--All classes this month are taught by Kip--and I am a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher)--


Zentangle® is an easy to learn and easy to do method which results in beautiful images created from repetitive patterns. Even though it has a specified series of steps, it results in a creative expression that transcends its own rules. It is fun and provides a lighthearted way of relaxing, while shifting focus and perspective.
 “Anything is possible… one stroke at a time”TM

 Zentangle 101   $35 (members $17.50 )
 This is the basic class that will get you comfortable--and addicted!  Once you get the fundamental understanding of this meditative, fascinating, simple art form, you can go on to create-- and create, and create.  A basic tools (and treats) kit is provided in the fee.

Zentangle 201  $35  (members $17.50)
More tangles, more techniques, and a play kit included to expand your tangling!
Note: You must have taken a 101 class from a CZT to take this class.

Zentangle Advanced  $35  (members $17.50)
Playing with Zentangle, color, Zentangle Inspired Art, Ensembles--and more!  Includes some wonderful goodie--depends on what we decide to do!
Note: You must have taken a 101 class from a CZT to take this class.
Rock Houses

These are ridiculously fun to do.  I use them for bookends, mostly, but I'm toying with a village for Christmas.

$35 ($17.50 for members)
We'll go over a few techniques and then just do it!
All materials (including rocks) will be provided--but if you find a perfect rock(s) feel free to bring them along!

Matchbook Necklaces

I made these for my girls last year for Mother's Day, and I've done a few others for various occasions.  You can collage the little books with images from magazines, write a poem, note or story in them, or, as I did here, fill them with photos.  If you want to use photos, please bring them with you.  We can scan and size them there.  I have lots of magazines for collage images, or bring your own.

$35 ($17.50 for members)  Includes all tools and supplies. 
Bring extra bling if you have some you like, and any specific images you want to use.

Whew--long post!

 Contact me by email if you have questions --

Enjoy the sun!

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